Art and aesthetic make The Dreamer more than a coffee shop

The Dreamer is a local coffee shop adjacent to Central Michigan University’s campus. Students, community members and town visitors go to the coffee shop for a variety of reasons. It is clear that the art and unique look of The Dreamer set this local shop apart from other chain and local coffee houses.


The Dreamer coffee shop: coffee, art and aesthetic

Coffee is a huge aspect of life on a college campus and Central Michigan University is no exception. The local coffee shop, The Dreamer, is located on the edge of the campus and is a favorite of many students in the area.

dreamer close up.jpg
The dreamer is known for its calming and interesting decor. Pieces like these are placed around the shop to bring a soothing aesthetic to the shop.
the dreamer.jpg
Street view of the modest shop located within walking distance of Central Michigan Universities campus.
International student Yazeed Almutairi comes to The Dreamer to study because he is from Saudi Arabia and says it reminds him of the vibe of a big city in this smaller town.
The dreamer is full of interesting art pieces like this clock display. Some of the art in the shop is even for sale by local artist.