Beer, bands and BBQ: Spring Fling Festival 2017

Mount Pleasant, Mich. kicked off spring/summer last Saturday with the 6th annual Middle of the Mitt: Spring Fling Festival. The event was attended by Mount Pleasant, locals, Central Michigan University Students and guests of the city.

Beer fest” as most of the attendees referred to it as, was a day of drinking, dancing and eating with friends and family. The atmosphere and vibe of the event was high energy and excited from 2 p.m. when the festival began until well into the evening.

Although you had to be at least 21 years of age to attend the event, there was representation from those who were just turning 21 to people in the later years of their lives.

“I’m surprised by how many older people are here, but it’s actually a lot of fun still,” Hailey Grabinski, a sophomore student at CMU said.

Grabinski attended beer fest with friends to relax before final week.

Beer Fest had an assortment of events and activities to keep those in attendance. Some of the more popular activities were listening to live music from seven local bands like Revolution in Progress and the Paddlebots,  playing yard games like life-sized Jenga and corn hole and drinking in the beer tent.

This festival is unique to Mount Pleasant because the establishment had more than 30 different types of craft beer on tap brewed at Hunters Ale House by their workers as well as CMU students in the fermentation science program.

These large vats are used by the CMU students to brew beer, The students have brewed 15 unique kinds of beer which were served at Beer Fest.

Chris Wright, 31, guitarist for Mark Daisy Band said his favorite beer was the Brown Ale. Wright lives in Lansing, Mich., but came to the festival because of his love for playing music; he planned to stay for the rest of Beer Fest after his set because he was enjoying himself.

Even though beer was the overall theme of the night, beer was more of a supplement to the night. The true highlight of the night was the memories made by all who attended the Spring Fling Festival.

Almost everyone in attendance seemed to be having a good time. People were laughing, dancing, talking, kissing joking and were more in the moment than most people are with today’s technologies. There were very few people who were disengaged with the happenings around them, which is something that happens less and less as technology becomes more and more prominent.

Almost every person I talked to said they attended the beer festival because they heard about it from a friend or family member.

“I am pretty busy with school being a first year med student here at CMU, but I took a break from studying and homework because some friends wanted me to come out with them, ” said Mason Geno.

Another girl, Sarah Baker, said she came out to the event to celebrate turning 21 with her friends. She planned to spend some time in the beer tent.

The staff at Hunter’s Ale House, where the event was held, were kind and attentive to the guests. One brewery worker said they had more than 600 people come the festival by 8 p.m.

The event also doubled as the official opening of the new cocktail bar Stir.

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